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Case Studies

Colon Cancer Case Study

Bethany Ballinger has stage IV colon cancer, also known as bowel cancer, and approached Alivia in 2016 after hearing about an article in a national newspaper. As a doctor herself, she recognised the benefit of having a specialist company do the research to help her find a top doctor to offer her a second opinion. This is her story.

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Inoperable Liver Cancer Case Study

The Daily Mail, featured the incredible story about one of our clients, Mr. Spartaco Dusi. His ‘inoperable’ tumour vanished after only 6 treatments, thanks to new cutting-edge treatments. The article explains how Mr. Dusi used the services of Alivia Swiss Health Management to wage war against his bile duct cancer diagnosis.

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Pancreatic Cancer Case Study

Chris was told he had six months to live, but he didn’t give up… There is a reason many people use words like ‘battle’ and ‘fight’ when talking about cancer. It’s not an easy journey, but a fighting spirit and ‘never give up’ attitude lead this couple to dispel initial diagnosis and prove their doctor’s predictions wrong.

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Nose Cancer Case Study

It was not clear in the first instance what the exact diagnosis was. It can be difficult to diagnose these types of cancer because the tumours can be so small. But, after several fairly invasive tests, it was discovered that unfortunately Rita had a growth determined to be skin cancer in the nose, this had spread to the socket behind the right eye.

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Undiagnosed Sinus Case Study

Stephen engaged Alivia after having had several failed attempts at a diagnosis of his very rare condition; he spent five years living without a sense of taste and smell. Something that seems so innocuous started a downward spiral in every area of his life; until he found Alivia. This is his story.

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