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Alivia Proactive – the next evolution in personal healthcare management

Preventative Health Care with Alivia Swiss Health

We have no hesitation in getting an annual MOT test done for our car. Making sure it’s safe to drive, it’s roadworthy and its exhaust emissions are within limits.

Innovations in personal health can reduce the risk and sometimes even prevent disease and illness.

It is now possible to have a personal health ‘MOT’ to flag up predispositions to many illnesses well before the symptoms reveal themselves.

This next evolution in personal healthcare management uses medicine, science and technology to measure our health and identify what is holding us back from achieving optimal health and longevity.

Alivia is different from other providers because we use total personalisation for your preventative tests. After a general assessment we only recommend tests specific to your medical footprint.

There are thousands of tests available, but these take time and cost money.

Our objective is simply to follow the medical intelligence to achieve the most optimised body and mind possible.

Benefits of Alivia Proactive

Personalised Testing

Reduce the risk of surprise illness. Use early detection to manage medical risk.

Get a full picture of your health

  • Get a genetic test to discover predispositions to illnesses
  • Follow-up with a personalised medical check-up
  • Identify medical risks
  • Take advantage of a prevention plan to improve your health and wellness

Health & Wellness Programmes

Build a personalised health programme. Implement measures to ensure that your health can be managed.

Monitoring Health

  • Your health is monitored to ensure your lifestyle does not harm you beyond acceptable limits
  • Decide if you want a dedicated personal health manager to assist you

Your Health Protected

Access to your own personal medical staff available 24/7/365

If Illness Strikes

  • Access to international doctors and hospitals of excellence to ensure best in class diagnoses and treatments
  • Complete management by your dedicated team to ensure the illness does not strike back

Peace of Mind

Protect your family and loved ones. Be comforted that their medical risks are being managed.

Leaving No Stone Unturned

Alivia designs tailormade prevention programmes for families with children. We know that there is nothing more important for you.

Our medical team is on stand by when you need us the most.

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    What’s Included?

    • Medical Questionnaire: The client completes a detailed questionnaire to give Alivia’s medical department an overview of your medical history prior to testing.
    • Initial Risk Analysis: Alivia’s Medical Intelligence Unit (MIU) performs a limited medical review of the client based on the PHQ. The idea is to determine if any immediate and urgent medical “red flags” are raised which would warrant further analysis and tests. If concerns are flagged the MIU will recommend specific action.
    • Genetic Tests: Alivia offers access to genetic tests which can be used to map genetic risk factors. Probabilities for contracting diseases are calculated – ranging from heart attack and diabetes to coronary heart disease and various forms of cancer.
    • Coordination of Medical Screenings and Check-Ups: Alivia’s Personal Health Manager (PHM) coordinates the check-up with pre-approved screening centres, currently located in central London. Two options are available – a basic” option and the “executive” version. We recommend the basic option so we can fully personalise the testing process.
    • Medical Risk Analysis: The PHM collects the screening (and, if relevant, genetic) test results and reviews the test results together with the PHQ and prepares a Medical Risk Analysis (MRA), outlining key risks in plain English and suggesting an action plan for next steps.
    • Monthly Follow-Up Calls: The PHM follows up with the client about implementing the suggested actions in the MRA.
    • Access to Alivia’s Medical Team in the event of serious illness being detected. As an Alivia client, you’ll be offered discounted packages on Alivia’s Diagnosis Confident or Cancer Care Packages.

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