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Get Access to New Treatment for Liver Cancer

Get access to New Treatment for Liver Cancer and World Leading Specialists with our Liver Cancer Second Opinion Service

Liver cancer as a primary source of the tumour is a rare cancer in the United Kingdom and more common in men than women, despite being a fairly common location for metastatic cancer (cancer which spreads from its primary location).

There are different types of liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), intra hepatic cholangiocarcinoma, angiosarcoma and hepatoblastoma.

There are different types of treatments for liver cancer patients such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, transplantation and biological therapy.

Scientists have been working on new advanced medicines and liver cancer treatments. Some of them are now available for cancer patients and others are still under development.

New innovations that are set to improve outcomes for liver cancer treatments:

  • Next-generation bead therapy
  • Targeted drug therapies
  • Oncolytic virus therapy
  • Nanoparticle radiation treatment
  • Diagnostics for liver transplantation

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Access new treatment for liver cancer with our second opinion service

Get access to latest treatment for liver cancer

When diagnosed with liver cancer the first priority is to find the best and most suitable treatment for you. Using Alivia’s internal research team, Medical Intelligence Unit, we can help you access the best of what is available.

Best Liver Cancer Doctors

The way in which we hand pick doctors for our patients sets us apart. Alivia’s Medical Intelligence Unit scours through medical journals, gets referrals from other world leading doctors and look high and low through the medical science community to try and find the best liver cancer doctor for you.

Diagnosis of Liver Cancer, Your Treatment to Date and Next Steps

The diagnosis is the single most important part of a patients illness, get it wrong and it can have serious ramifications.

The handpicked world leading doctor will first confirm the diagnosis, before reviewing any treatment plans and treatment to date, and also recommending next steps with international best practice in mind.

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Second Opinion for Liver Cancer

As cancer specialists, Alivia Swiss Health have years of experience with offering second opinions for liver cancer.

We work with doctors that are able to offer personalised medicine and custom-made, cutting edge treatments.

Our second opinion service is be delivered in 3-4 weeks upon our receipt of your medical records and images.

The Second Opinion will be performed by the best suited liver cancer doctor for you that we can find after a global search with your medical records in hard.

As mentioned, the doctor will be reviewing your files with the following in mind::

    • Verification of diagnosis
    • A specialist opinion on your treatment to date
    • Recommendation on next steps

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