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The Story behind Alivia Swiss Health

A personal letter from Alivia’s founder, Dr Vidar Arnulf

My name is Dr. Vidar Arnulf, I am a doctor, an anesthesiologist from Norway. I founded Alivia in 2008 with the goal to help people all over the world re-think the way they source and choose medical and health related decisions.

At Alivia, we view every person and their illness as unique.  We use an approach called personalised or precision medicine to identify the most appropriate treatment for each individual patient.

Dr Vidar Arnulf, Founder

My background

I graduated as a doctor in 1978 from the University of Oslo, Norway.  During my career, I managed several large hospitals, serving more than 250,000 and I also founded an Air Ambulance company.

How the idea of Alivia came about

In 1987, I volunteered with the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee and travelled to war-stricken Afghanistan to assist the sick, injured and those in need of urgent medical attention. For many of the locals, basic medical needs was not available because of a lack of supplies and the poor conditions as a result of the war.

It was a dangerous place.  At the time, I had bright blonde hair and the security services made me dye my hair, grow a beard and wear local clothing so as not to arise suspicion with the enemy.

It was in this war-torn country that I originally thought about the idea of creating a service that would use medical intelligence  to assist and manage patients when they’re sick.

In Afghanistan, the American CIA and military intelligence were travelling with our team of doctors to keep us safe. I was always impressed by them being two steps ahead at all times. They always knew which roads to take, which bridges to cross (and which roads and bridges NOT to take or cross).  We always felt safe with them around.

It made me realize that when you are sick you are at war. Patients with access to medical intelligence are ahead of the game and have the ability to avoid “crossing the wrong bridges.”

Give people the best chance

The world of medical science is dynamic and moves very quickly.  New treatments, diagnostic tests, and scientific research is being produced at a higher rate than ever before.

We created Alivia to empower those who are at war with their illness to ensure they always have the best intelligence.  To ensure they have access to the latest knowledge and can make intelligent and informed decisions about their conditions and treatments.

Best regards,
Dr. Vidar Arnulf, MD

Founder, Chief Medical Officer & Chairman

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