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Get Access to New Lung Cancer Treatments

Get Access to New Lung Cancer Treatments and World Leading Doctors with our Lung Cancer Second Opinion Service

Get Access to New Lung Cancer Treatments

Have you been diagnosed with lung cancer? It is one of the most common cancer diagnoses and one which often comes with negative connotations through the media.

We understand that you may be feeling all kinds of emotions, and are here to provide you with the pro-active support you need.

Don’t give up.

There are many new treatments for lung cancer and we can help you get access to a world leading doctor with knowledge of new treatments relevant to your disease.

As lung cancer prognosis remains pessimistic for many patients, finding the most appropriate treatment is often crucial to achieving the best possible outcome.

The latest available cancer treatment guidance by NICE recommends surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, used alone or in combination depending on cancer type (non-small or small cell lung cancer) and other factors.

But these are far from being the only options.

Pioneering new lung cancer treatments are available today, or in development, which promise to revolutionise the future of lung cancer. Some that you or your local doctor might not have heard of.

Some of these are:

    • Radiofrequency ablation (FRA)
    • Photodynamic therapy (PDT)
    • Cryosugery
    • Biological therapy
    • Immunotherapy
    • Combined cell-gene therapy
    • CRISPR/Case9 gene editing
    • Lung-MAP precision medicine

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Get access to new lung cancer treatments and world leading doctors

World Leading Lung Cancer Doctors

We can help you get access to new lung cancer treatments and world leading doctors with our lung cancer second opinion service.

If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer getting the best lung cancer treatment and the most suitable doctor for your disease is a priority.

Just as every person is different, every tumour is different too.

Even if someone else has non-small cell lung cancer, or at stage 3 or 4, your genetics are different so it will not be the same as yours, all you have in common is it’s location in the body.

It is therefore important and necessary to use a personalised approach for each patient, it can make a huge difference if you get the right doctor and treatment schedule specific to you and your tumour.

Lung Cancer Second Opinion

Even if your local doctor is knowledgeable and well trained, a lung cancer second opinion from a world leading specialist could offer a different perspective.

With a second opinion on your lung cancer you will have a doctor with more experience to base your future treatment on, you will get knowledge about new cutting edge lung cancer treatments, and theoretically therefore have a greater chance of beating your illness.

Alivia Swiss Health will make sure that no stone is unturned with your care.

We employ complex research systems to make sure we handpick the best lung cancer doctor for your disease based on the Medical Intelligence Unit’s in depth global reach within the lung cancer sector.

The selected lung cancer doctor will consult you and give you an objective second opinion on your:

    • Cancer diagnosis
    • Cancer treatment to date
    • Recommendations on next steps

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