//Do I Need a Second Opinion?

Do I Need a Second Opinion

How many times have you come away from the doctor’s a bit unsure and wanting a second opinion, but never actually seeking it?

With a survey revealing people are more likely to seek a second opinion on financial advice (36%) rather than on their own health (30%), here at Alivia Swiss Health, we are determined to revolutionise the standard approach to healthcare.

Once diagnosed with an illness, the majority of patients in the UK fail to thoroughly interrogate their medical options according to their individual requirements – which is surprising for a society that is increasingly savvy about the many preventative medicines, treatments and lifestyle choices that can encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle both now and in later life.

We generally tend to spend more time researching the best car or household appliances to purchase, than investigating the doctors or hospitals we entrust with our lives.

On the best days, a second opinion can provide hope and tangible alternatives to what can sometimes be a life-changing diagnosis.

Of course the news isn’t always a positive one, but it is integral that patients have been given the right medical advice, are aware of cutting edge treatment options, research on prognosis and do not become victims of the ‘postcode lottery’ which means that the question of ‘what if’ is neither a question or regret patients and families have to bare.

Acting as a health advisor, second opinion service Alivia Swiss Health helps patients worldwide with many different types of illnesses or diseases, although 70% of cases are cancer related.

We act as an external advisory service that provides a tailored offering through our impartial interrogation of medical options and access to truly independent medical intelligence on a global scale.

Unlike private medical insurance, Alivia Swiss Health is not bound by a set network, meaning medical intelligence is the deciding factor behind which physician and treatment is recommended – not quotas or contracts.

The service offers a medical review, verification of diagnosis and identification of a leading international specialist for a second opinion whilst asking the right questions of consulting physicians and ensuring access to the top medical personnel and the very best treatment and rehabilitation the world over.

Alivia Swiss Health can put you in touch with the world’s most advanced medical practitioners and cutting-edge medical intelligence, offering patients a trusted partner at a time when they need it most.

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World Leading Doctors

Unhappy with your treatment or diagnosis?

Alivia connects those with serious illnesses to the best specialists and best treatment in the world.

Enquire today for your world leading second opinion in less than 4 weeks.

The challenge is to drive a mindset shift in society as a whole, and reverse the trend for accepting the doctor’s prognosis as the final verdict, rather than the opinion which it actually is.

The NHS and existing private medical options and health services on offer in this country need support to make the necessary changes.

With 163,444 people still dying of cancer in 2014, as a nation we need to end the complacency surrounding our health.

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