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About Alivia

Alivia was founded by a group of pioneering entrepreneurs who shared a passion and fascination for new opportunities to optimise health. With backgrounds in medicine, insurance and luxury services, they designed Personalised Health Management solutions to discerning individuals worldwide.

Alivia offers two principal types of services; (i) providing individuals with diagnosed conditions access to international doctors and medical centres of excellence and (ii) assisting individuals to prevent illness and manage and monitor medical risks before they get the chance to develop into serious illness or disease.

For diagnosed illness or disease: 
• Diagnosis verification solutions from renowned and respected international medical experts
• Identification of best treatment options from worldwide medical centres of excellence as well as alternative treatments (e.g., participation in clinical trials and immunotherapies)
• Overall medical management and logistical coordination of the client’s care

To reduce the risk of surprise illness:
• Identifying medical risks at an early stage
• Designing individualised programmes incorporating genetic tests, preventive treatments, nutrition, and wellness optimisation to keep clients healthy
• Continuous support from Alivia’s Personal Assistance Team to help clients implement recommendations from the medical team

Alivia’s services are provided by a cohesive medical team consisting of a Chief Medical Officer, a Medical Director, our internal research team – the Medical Intelligence Unit – and an International Medical Advisory Board comprised of world renowned physicians who are leaders in their respective fields.

We provide access to best in class medical intelligence, treatment and rehabilitation for those diagnosed with an illness and we employ highly structured systems to reduce the risk of illness and plan for longer and better lives for those interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through preventative health management.

Using our Medical Intelligence Unit (MIU) we’re able to pull resources to research any illness on a case by case basis using the foundations of personalised medicine to keep each person’s illness 100% objective and 100% tailored to the individual. That kind of focus and attention to detail is unheard of in the traditional medical world.

Alivia’s Mission is to Protect, Cure, and Extend the lives of our clients, anywhere in the world, doing whatever it takes.

Alivia’s Three Pillars

  • Diagnosis Verification: 100% clarification and peace of mind that your treatment will take the right path
  • Access to the leading medical experts whom are handpicked to deal with your specific illness
  • Access to cutting edge medical treatment that may not be available locally to you to optimise treatment
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