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Alivia Second Opinion Service

Alivia’s Second Opinion Service is specifically designed to give absolute confidence in their direction of care for those diagnosed with serious illnesses. While we have significant expertise in arranging second opinions for cancer patients in the UK and all over the world, we can cover many different illnesses.

In our experience patients or their loved ones thinking about arranging a second opinion do it for the following reasons:

  • Not being comfortable with their doctor, diagnosis, treatment, or general care
  • Wanting to feel confident in the prognosis by hearing it from a world leading specialist(s)
  • The innate requirement for peace of mind that they are leaving no stone unturned for a loved one

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Making An Informed Decision

You have just been diagnosed with a medical condition. Even if you believe that your local doctor is knowledgeable and well trained, perhaps you would like a second opinion from an independent and objective international expert to confirm the diagnosis before you begin treatment.

A 2006 study of all autopsies conducted in the United States found a 40 percent misdiagnosis rate. The study found that in approximately 10 to 12% of those cases the patient could have been discharged alive if an accurate diagnosis had been received. Alivia Swiss Health Management proudly introduces its medical second opinion program which allows you to consult with leading international medical specialists – without necessarily getting on a plane – to confirm your diagnosis, review your current treatment plan and explore possible treatments in the UK or at medical centers of excellence around the world.

The Three Pillars of a Second Opinion

Alivia’s Second Opinion Service can be delivered within a 3-4 weeks upon our receipt of your medical files and images. Although every client and their illnesses are different, the report of your second opinion will be presented in the same way, with the three pillars of a second opinion covered:

  • Verification of diagnosis.
  • A world leading specialist to opine on your treatment to date.
  • A world leading specialist recommendation on next steps – this could include suggested drugs, further tests, surgery, clinical trials, radical innovative treatment or just to remain on your current course of action.

Benefits of the Alivia Second Opinion Service

World Leading Specialists

Alivia hand-picks a medical genius just for you specific to your condition to make sure you're in the best hands.

Why Settle for Second Best?

Alivia conducts in depth research to ensure the selected physician is the best one for you and will show you his/her credentials and track record for full transparency.  You need to know you’ve got a medical genius looking at your case.

Cutting Edge Treatment

New medical breakthroughs are happening daily, we keep on top of these to offer you the best of what's available.

Verifying If There Is Another Option

Choice of treatment can be a life or death decision, which is why when you’re sick, it’s important to consider all possible solutions. At Alivia, we do that for you to make sure every angle is covered.

Verify Diagnoses

We use advanced research methods to check and double check scans and reports to be sure your diagnosis is correct.

Worth its Weight in Gold

Getting the diagnosis correct is crucial. Get it wrong and your treatment may be flawed, resulting in poor results. Get it spot on and your percentage chance of getting better increase significantly.

Total Peace of Mind

Alivia's access to world leading specialists gives you the confidence that everything medically possible is being done.

Leaving No Stone Unturned

It’s never been so important to have someone trustworthy and knowledgeable in your corner every step of the way.

6 Steps to a World Leading Second Opinion

Alivia employs complex research systems to make sure we select the best specialist for you and your illness. The process of the service follows these six steps:

  1. Collation of all medical files and images relevant to your condition by your individually assigned Personal Health Manager.
  2. Review by Alivia’s internal research team – the Medical Intelligence Unit (MIU) – under the auspices of our Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director – of the files and images to conduct an initial assessment of the diagnosis, your physician’s planned treatment strategy and any new or innovative treatment strategies that could be applicable to your future care.
  3. Research and analysis by the MIU to identify leading international specialists to verify the diagnosis coupled with an assessment of the treatment you have received to date.
  4. The MIU will consider and evaluate second opinions from international specialists, including the US as well as continental Europe and the UK. We will provide you with biographic background details and reasons for selecting a particular specialist.
  5. Coordination with the international expert to obtain the second opinion in writing regarding the diagnosis and potential alternative treatment strategies (we also arrange face to face consultations too).
  6. After the external second opinion has been received you will receive a report from Alivia’s Chief Medical Officer summarising the opinion and recommendations for suggested next steps.

Throughout the process you will have continuous contact with your Personal Health Manager, who will liaise between you, Alivia’s medical team, as well as the second opinion providers.

Our Promise

Every bit of research Alivia does is on a client by client basis. Every person is different so every tumor or illness is different; meaning a subtly different approach is necessary. We’re here to make sure no stone is being left unturned with your care. Once the Alivia Second Opinion Service has been delivered, you have the option to move onto a medical management programme where your entire healthcare process will be in our hands. This allows you and your family to concentrate solely on getting better or making sure the time you have left is stress free and as comfortable as possible. Alternatively you can take the report back to your consulting physician who we would expect to be more than happy to take it into account whilst furthering the patient’s treatment/care.

Alivia. Your health in the best hands.

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