//About Personalised Oncology

About Personalised Oncology

Personalised Oncology

For cancer patients Alivia facilitates access to innovative and cutting edge cancer treatments.

Alivia works with leading international doctors and specialised treatment experts who have access to the latest treatments and technologies, including:


Molecular Gene Profiling

By understanding the genetic makeup of the tumour it is possible to treat cancers more individually.

Through profiling of both a client’s cancerous cells’ DNA and healthy cells’ DNA, it is possible to identify which areas of the DNA have mutations.

Since many of these mutations have been studied, the information on which mutations the client has, can provide valuable information for treatment options.

Tumour Grafting

Literally the creation of a “clone” of a tumour that is implanted in mice and can be used to test different treatments to find the most effective ones and therefore reduce the likelihood of receiving ineffective treatment.

Biological and Hormonal Therapies

These allow for the specific targeting of structures, proteins and genes within cancer cells that are found to be driving the growth of a tumour through genetic profiling of the cell.

Ablation therapies

Using probes that can be placed directly into a tumour and then heated or cooled to temperatures that can kill tumours.

Photodynamic Therapy

This treatment involves the injection of a drug known to be taken up by cancer cells, which is then exposed to light when enough has accumulated in a tumour, activating the drug.

Stem Cell Transplants

SCTs are still widely used for the treatment of advanced leukaemia’s and lymphomas.

Genetic Screenings for Breast and Ovarian Cancers

New companies, primarily in the US, have started testing for the main breast cancer risk genes, known as BRCA1 and BRCA2, at prices which are significantly below historic pricing levels for these services.

Genius Committees

Regardless of whether a cancer patient chooses a personalised oncology solution (for example, one of the options mentioned above), Alivia strongly recommends clients to avail themselves of a Genius Committee.

We refer to a Genius Committee as a second opinion on steroids.

It is a mini conference comprised of world-leading multidisciplinary cancer “geniuses” – in other words, experts, professors and hospital department heads at leading universities and medical institutions, who gather in person or via conference calls about the client’s specific case in a forum devoted solely to discuss the client’s condition and possible treatment alternatives.

Due to Alivia’s vast experience in this field, together with a specialist company in the personalised oncology solutions space, we are able to bring together experts from the world’s leading cancer institutions, including MD Anderson, Memorial Sloan Kettering, University of Zurich and Imperial College, to name a few.

The benefits of engaging a Genius Committee can be significant for a cancer patient:

  • World-renowned experts from each of the specialities that may be critical to the client’s care who review the case and discuss options
  • Cutting-edge research, clinical trials, and out-of-the-box approaches
  • Rapid assembly of panels so the client will get recommendations quickly
  • Saving time needed for multiple second opinions – because all experts confer on the client’s condition in a single forum
  • Peace of mind because the client is working with leading experts in the field and his own physician to gain a customised treatment recommendation

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