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Alivia Swiss Health

Our goal is simple. To help those with serious illnesses get the best care possible.

With thousands medical articles and studies published in top journals each year, new advances in medicine happen faster than your national health service or even private insurer can keep up with.

Alivia helps you bridge that gap to find and get access to the treatment or care you need that you might not know exists.

Our Services

Alivia Cancer Second Opinion Service

We use the patient’s medical records to conduct deep dive medical research to hand-pick a specialist perfectly suited to you and your illness. 

The doctors we choose are always leaders in their field, and highly specialised. The second opinion is conducted remotely in most cases, using your medical scans and records to offer the doctors’ suggestions about next steps.

The Alivia Cancer Second Opinion is specifically designed to give patients absolute confidence in the direction of their care, with the knowledge of the best solution for moving forward.

Alivia Proactive

If doctors could prevent illness onset in the first place, they wouldn’t need to cure or treat it.

We have no hesitation in getting an annual MOT test done for our car, but what about our health? Innovations in personal health can reduce the risk and sometimes even prevent disease and illness.

It is now possible to have a personal health ‘MOT’ to flag up predispositions to many illnesses well before the symptoms reveal themselves. Alivia offers comprehensive personal health checks, to keep you proactive about your family’s most important asset: Your health.

Chronic Care Management

One of the main issues newly diagnosed patients and their families underestimate the most is how difficult it is to manage the logistics of a chronic disease.

It’s completely understandable. Patients and their families are concerned about treating the underlying illness itself.

But managing the “treatment process,” particularly coordinating communication between multiple providers – doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists and other advisers – is a critical step that is often key to avoiding mistakes and ensuring that a patient diagnosed with a serious illness is on the right track to recovery.

Get in touch

Alivia has helped people with all manner of illnesses and diseases; from hay-fever to Multiple Sclerosis to Alzheimer’s to cancer and we have serviced clients from all over the world. We’re yet to come across any illness or disease that we can’t provide assistance for. Please use the contact box below to get in touch if you would like to know more about any of Alivia’s services.

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